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All the secret becomes clear on the lake of tears

September 08, 2021
Lake Of Tears - Ominous

The vocal phrase sets a unclear musical background, continuing to vague doubts and experiences in the sound of the At the Destination composition. The chime strings of an acoustic guitar asks an intriguing mood of the intro of the In Wait and in Worries song that intrigues to the readiness of increasing musical power and energy, but it creates only a mysterious revelation to the sound of the Lake Of Tears - Ominous album, complementing the main vocal on the background. But in the final part, the vocal tendering is complemented by fragments of the battle march, which will be the main motive of the Lost in a Moment composition, the injection wave of anxiety and experiences.
The title composition of this album is consists of dilogy - first Ominous One plunges into alarming doubts, then the Ominous Too fascinates us with the saddled symphony of the instrumental part. Then tightening in doubts and insecurity with the accession of vocals, sometimes retreating before charm of violin solo.
Despair, embodied in the vocal party of the One Without Dreams song makes up and calls to solve its problems, emphasizing the finals of musical clocks by bass passages. The End of This World instrumental track brings a very peculiar and unexpected embodiment of the meaning in its name. The Cosmic Sailor song introduces a very interesting combination of marine ballads, pirate's saga and stylistic features of the current style of this group to the sound of the album. The gloomy ballad In Gloom completes the album of the twilight mysteriousness.