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Confess and no more sins - or will be sacramented to catharsis

April 07, 2018
Machine Head - Catharsis

A frenzied drive swooped as the swarm of enraged insects chases in the stream of hatred, sometimes stopping the rapid development of the composition, accumulating emotions - to splash out them in the Volatile chorus, contrasting anger and romance.
The title track continues the Machine Head - Catharsis album, beginning with a mysterious screech, as if distant electronic fields radiate nervousness, then romantic charm enchants with brooding passages, then alternating a violent groove with romantic meditations dreamily broadcasting about their aspirations. In the final part, these contrasts complete the composition together.
Dreamy moments come to the forefront of the Beyond The Pale composition picture, subordinating to themselves even the harsh part of the musical image, which retains rigidity, but does not tear the melodious sound of the mid-tempo march.
The hot winds of the wasteland are wrapped in dry winds, bringing to the album sense of the dangerous adventures of the wild west with the California Bleeding song.
The recitative of the vocals in thick Triple Beam musical smog leads to a story about industrial zones in which anxious gangs, selling drugs, arms and despising laws, hang, no matter what they are.
Applause, the host announces the Kaleidoscope performance - then the performance takes off in an uncontrolled race, juggling with violent passages, but returns to dreamy meditations with mysterious intriguing notes in the chorus.
Beginning as an acoustic ballad, in which the electric guitar and keyboards create only an inspiring background, Bastards wraps up nostalgia for their native places, in which you can not return - how can't travel back in time. Then the instrumental power grows, sweeping a bright wave of drive, the vocal rises in an emotional explosion, indignant about politicians, all sorts of adversity ... but the composition ends as softly and calmly as it have began.
The Hope Begets Hope sound is shimering and significant, namativaya bright and deep melody on the axis of his journey, vocal from time to time appeals to romantic meditations, but a musical explosion sweeps the majestic march again. Screaming At The Sun continues the march stylistics, supplementing the vocal with notes of female singers and chorals on the background, sometimes somewhat accelerating and complicating the rhythm.
A thoughtful ballad creates an oasis of musical rest, pensively reflecting who is Behind A Mask, again and again asking this question in the doubting mood of the melodic atmosphere, accentuating the doubts with the guitar solo.
So insinuating Heavy Lies The Crown introduction hides on the background of symphonic orchestral music. Then the music rolls out the epic canvas, quite unexpectedly for this style, composing a musical image from a variety of stylistic moments - it is worth noting that this song contains more musical ideas than the rest of the album.
The wave of dark drive Psychotic envelops the whirlwind of frightening doubts, rolling up playful phrases in its frightening frankness, Grind You Down continues this fearful and horror style, after intro speeding up the pace of music, hardening vocals - but lifting dreamy passages after fierce thrillers. The competition of instrumental solos is intertwined into the Razorblade Smile introduction, the vocal eliminates the competition, captivating in the bright impulse of the impetuous drive of the most energetic and lively composition of the album.
Enigmatic, tranquil atmosphere ends the album with something like an epic lullaby Eulogy, nostalgic for the band's past albums ... or intriguing before the next ones.