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Complementing each other - like two wings

December 23, 2019
Лесьяр - Мы два крыла

The narrative of a hero walking through trials and barriers begins the album, then the wordless tunes of female vocals elevate the cup of Russian folklore. Continuing the thoughts of the hero, preserves the narratives and ideas of the narrative. However, the male vocals of the group leader complement the Лесьяр - Мы два крыла narrative. The group’s leader’s Тропа narration sets the mood for the composition, thoughtfully rolling out the abstract folk motif,complementing them with echoes of the drive.
Musical power and drive are intertwined in the Брошусь птицей в длань рассвета single dance with vocal innings, in bridges complemented by echoes complemented by opera innings, but then again hardened. Female Пьяный апрель vocals sets the tone and envelops us with anticipations, then male vocals are indignant and requires the Солнцестояние female vocals solutions. Continuing the musical motives of the previous composition Хорт ямы erects female vocals to the forefront. The power and rage of male vocals comes to the Меряченье fore.
Then the echoes of folklore celebrations anticipate the re-awareness of the Alabama Song (The Doors Cover) and the Назло, поперёк! (ГО Cover) legends, complemented by their own Скотобойня для свободных, Я не верю в божью силу creativity.