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Cold and gloom have their own levels and shades

December 23, 2019
King (AUS) - Coldest of Cold

The noise of the distant wind and bad weather is interrupted by swift musical passages, sweeping away by a swift wave of drive, calling for conquest and elevating the epic banners of military prowess in the Conquer song's chorus. Giving even more epic shades Mountains Call track continues the King (AUS) - Coldest of Cold album with inspired musical motifs, enchanting with the grandeur of the mountains and their appeals.
The title track Coldest of Cold envelops vocal phrases with the proud covers of the majestic anthem, solemnly marching in a pulsating procession of a mid-tempo march. While preserving the melodic charm, One More War drives the waves of tough drive, pulsating with harsh and stubborn musical trends that give vocal doubts and experiences a harsh character of relentless readiness for any trials and battles.
Band's sel titled track King continues musical stories, solemn anthem, venerating the ruling elites and nobles. The romantic acoustic chime of guitar strings takes on the mesmerizing power of a guitar solo, then transforms with additional shades and builds the foundation of the main motive of In the Light of the New Sun composition, which captivates with an inspired melody of sound. But after medium-tempo greatness, the guitar solo of the introduction calls for a rapid drive, vocal phrases pumps waves of musical bursts and indicate the development path of the musical structure of the Beyond the Exosphere song. However, the mid-tempo procession of epic musical sagas returns with an inspired atmosphere of mesmerizing melody of the Star composition. Ways of the ForestThe thickening cover of epic grandeur 1 inspires the dense atmosphere of an inspired march, which gives more significance to the storyteller’s narrative and the unforgettable charm of his tales. The first final composition of the album My Master, My Sword, My Fire marches without deviating from the path of the main motive, condensing the rhythm in the verse and returning to the inspired melody in the chorus, after thoughtful background vocal tunes in the bridges.