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Far away on the edge of the world

December 22, 2019
Aeolian Winds - The Island in the Corner of the Sea

The chime of a keyboard solo is sometimes supplemented by vocal phrases, interwoven into the charm of a symphonic dance. But the background keyboard tunes and wordless chorales complement the sound of the Part 1 song, the background rumble creates a continuous apprehension of impending changes inherent in the musical essence of the Aeolian Winds - The Island in the Corner of the Sea album.
Sensual emotions are combined with symphonic echoes in the Part 2 single bewitching dance, wordless chorales on the background only complement the transformation. Female vocals add obscure tunes to the improvisation of the keyboard solo, then the melodies of the companions create the prerequisite for a pause and the introduction of male growling.
The Part 3 keyboard passages in their mesmerizing solos soar upward, sometimes enveloped in experiences of a gloomy lowland, complementing their passages with obscure vocal tunes.