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Clouds of music are sailing on the sky

March 08, 2018
The Samurai of Prog - On We Sail

Bright bursts of flashes of improvisation marvelous musical lace of keyboard frills, anticipating the introduction of vocals - the title track begins the The Samurai of Prog - On We Sail album very brightly and inspiring to further audition of this work. Although, it should be noted that in some way makes it difficult - I personally listened to it many times already. First, bright romantic improvisations, then sparkling laces of instrumental improvisations creating wonderful dreams of cloudy castles that embody unimaginable desires. Next flash of a bright melodic triumph, complete the composition with wise experienced reflections.
The trills of the flute create the influence of some mystical spirits of ancient times, then the symphonic orchestral passage carries to the medieval sacraments of Middle-Earth Elements of Life, enveloping anxious forebodings and vivid instrumental delights. After a brief pause, the vocal introduces its shades into this story, transforming again and again its rays of ancient legends and forgotten secrets, which each time create new impressions and imaginary images. Then solemn and sporadic musical motives escorted the royal guard's corpus, accompanied by inspiring music to glittering knights. But folk motifs and forest enchanting motifs bring their influence to this song. Ah, it can be described endlessly!
Into the introduction creeps anxious motives and cautious forebodings, then Theodora develops his legend in a romantic medieval ballad, which she sings in the midst of unique mystical elven bards and palace minstrels, which complement the singing lady in a chorus of her voices, when emotions bring her vocals to the transcendental heights.
In sparkling bright sparks of enchanting impulses, enchanting atmosphere Ascension develops an inspiring instrumental saga, the basis of which is the dense and sonorous bass guitar part, inspired keyboards fantasy passages, alternating with bright guitar solos.
Mysterious Ghost Written haze, hiding in its calm and serene atmospheric comfort magical reflections and secret spells accompanies thoughtful vocal reflections, over music, bright clouds and mystical passages twist clouds of keyboards motifs, which from time to time pierce the wise cello parts, vigorous violin shades and dreamy flute parts complement the musical picture with glittering sparkles.
The marvelous instrumental composition The Perfect Black combines an indescribable set of shades, changing in each part so diverse and all-encompassing that it embodies musical motifs, melodies and improvisations, as if it embodied more than one album, and a whole collection of works of legends of many musical styles. It is hard to describe such a diverse musical saga - everyone listens to it exclusively in its own way Playful childish motifs, dancing to the introduction again and again show their outline in a calm ballad, reminiscent of their native places and everything so familiar and unforgettable that Growing Up is sometimes perceived as rejection - but inevitable farewell to the aura of unforgettable childhood.
Instrumental composition Over Again lifts the piano to the top of the celebration, then envelops the listener with a multitude of fascinating and exciting musical improvisations. Then the vocal reflections bring the trend of romanticism and in a wonderful fascinating ballad Tigers complete this progressive musical masterpiece with thoughtful reflections about fate and the circumstances that affected it, surrounding sometimes imperceptible phenomena.