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Chaotic entropy sometimes brings euphoria

March 16, 2020
Diabulus In Musica - Euphonic Entropy

The symphonic suite A Lucid Chaos and the wordless chants of the singing lady begins the Diabulus In Musica - Euphonic Entropy album, then weaving vocal phrases with symphonic musical passages, bringing the vocal to the forefront of the Race to Equilibrium musical image in the verse and raising the whirlwind of musical artistry to the top in the chorus. Then, vocalities and a burst of male growling appears in vocals.
The charm of symphonic artistry surrounds Nuevo Rumbo vocals reflections with sparkling lace, sometimes taking away vocal phrases on the wings of a swift drive. It should be noted that vocals change English lyrics to Spanish. Returning to the English lyrics The Misfit's Swing brings some trends of the lounge and jazz bands of the 30s of the last century.
Complementing the musical component with drive In Quest of Sense alternates the harsh tunes of the demonic harsh and the severe growling of male vocals with the opera charm of female vocals, shrouded in sparkling sparks of a bewitching symphony. Bringing the epic charm of folklore motifs Otoi back to Spanish lyrics, then to continue the album with English lyrics. The romantic charm of vocal melody erects a vivid castle of the Blurred Dreams romantic ballad. Alternating phrases of male and female vocals On the Edge builds a compositional structure based on this dialogue.
Walking at first with a proud march, Our Last Gloomy Dance then raises the banners of the majestic anthem, enveloping the opera tunes of female vocals with vortices of a solemn symphony. After a gloomy intrigue, a wave of furious drive explodes, but then after a furious musical fury, female vocals carry away to listening to an incredibly hit One Step Higher main motive. But musical fury returns with the pulsating swiftness of the rampant drive of the introduction of the Blind Muse song, again retreating to the charm of female vocals. In the Vortex concludes the album with symphonic pacification, raising to the musical peak the opera tunes of female vocals.