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Breaking the fettering chains

March 16, 2020
FenrisWulf - Breaking the Chains

The obscure mystery of the FenrisWulf - Breaking the Chains album's Intro intrigues the further development of the musical narrative, complementing the noise of nature with the background tunes of the bardic sonata. But a furious vocal cry calls for the interweaving of melodics and drive, starting the musical narrative by uniting such contrasting components in a single musical stream of the Perseverance (A Wailling Heart and a Moonlit Sky) epic anthem, supplemented by furious bursts of uncontrolled drive.
The mid-tempo march of the Heimdall's Gaze combat march with a severe growling is transformed to a faster pace with furious screaming appeals, then combining these music streams into a single narrative. After a pause and a barking dog, a howl of wolves follows and the guitar riffs are intertwined with vocal phrases, creating a bewitching unity of the Breaking the Chains title composition. Readiness for the battles of the fearless Vikings is embodied in the indisputable readiness to meet with the Skjaldborg (Shield Wall) any enemy. Weaving a whirlwind of musical drive in a rampant tunnel, Pagan Pride envelops musical passages in the harsh vocal phrases of an angry growling.
Manifesting and emphasizing the main motive of the guitar solo of intro, Wulves Ov Odin then surrounds its musical axis with vortexes of vocal and musical passages. Wrapping the vocal part with ribbons of musical passages The Day All God's Wept enthralls in a burst of their unity. Facilitating the musical sound, the guitar solo of the Hope and Despair introduction returns to the origins of heavy metal, then combining ages and genres in a single musical narrative with severe vocal growling and fierce snowstorms from musical passages. Then, embodying memories of the war metal Age of Steel (Alder Av Stal) marches with dense blows of a harsh battle march.
The noise of the wind and the bonfire creates the backdrop for the tunes of an acoustic guitar and the confession of The Valkyries Prayer, anticipating the Valhalla Awaits as final composition of the album, beginning with bewitching sparkling vortices of a guitar solo, then blowing out vocal phrases with a sparkling blizzard of a musical stream, like the waves of sparkling wings of an ice dragon.