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Battles and wars will be in the far future

March 17, 2020
Kevlar Skin - Necroroid

Exploding with a furious drive, then War On Stroggos alternates the epic narrative with a return to angry power, however combining them in a single musical narrative is progressive and with mesmerizing artistry. Scourge Of Hate continues the Kevlar Skin - Necroroid album with an epic narrative, enveloping mysterious unhurried vocals thoughts with vortices of restrained power of musical passages, enveloping in an atmosphere of greatness and significance.
Forcing waves of unbridled drive, Xenomorph Rising sometimes slows down the flow of musical swiftness for the sake of vocals reflections wise by intimate knowledge. Flying away with impetuous impulses of instrumental passages into an uncontrollable flight Plague Of Hipocrisy brings thoughtful significance to vocal phrases, then combining them in a single bewitching musical image.
Combining musical power and energetic drive with the wisdom and thoughtfulness of vocal reflections deepening growling to the gloomy abyss Terrordrome ends with an epic saga entwined with swirls of an enchanting guitar solo. Pulsing with a stern march of the main motive P.R.K.S. (Plasma Rifle Killing Spree) elevates the mesmerizing shades of epic motifs to the expanses of a distant cosmos, combining different times and spaces together. 2022 continues the echoes of distant spaces, rushing in a hasty race for unattainable and imaginary goals, chasing them in so mad rush. But hardened vocals for a while fetter the swiftness of the music stream, appealing to melodic and artistic decisions.
Intriguing the vortexes of intro S.H.O.D.A.N. then alternates the swift passages of an unstoppable drive, with pulsations of brooding notes. Virus Induced Resurrection closes the album with a combination of deep vocal reflections and an incredibly fast flow of music, slowing down to envelop the vocals reflections with sparkling lace of musical echoes.