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Chaos needs its own Lord

August 21, 2016
Al'Tyr - Let The Lords Of Chaos Reign

In any system and its combinations - have to be some control unit Al'Tyr - Let The Lords Of Chaos Reign , it can't exist without the proper and appropriate Lord!
Instrumental intro Ab Initio starts with guitar fingering since the creation of the overall impression, then keyboards complement the sound image with its passages. Then initiation has elevated on top with melodic riffs of electric guitars and crowned by keyboards.
Hammer Of The Gods escalates the gloomy expectations, can't hide from God's weapon - the composition from a dense, hard and rhythmic course flows into the melancholic sadness with keyboards party, that leads the main motive.
Clearly and thoroughly, Lord Of Chaos paces before his servants and supporters. Rhythmically imprinting steps in front of the temple area, the orchestra accompanies his steps. Then the guitar solo attracts his mind, distracting from carving his soles in the stones.
Guitar fury so tightly and accented sounds, that there is no place to say the odd words, so He Who Shall Not Be Named orderly and decided. So will be in that way!
Nervous keyboard passage outlines the main motif, complemented with the guitars, that facetes its shapes, corners and edges with their strings. The Final Abrogation Of Light is in recess between fierce guitar riffs and keyboard passages, one of which completes the composition.
The Summoning Of The Ghosts Of The Dead unhurried, confident in its rhythm and thoroughly prepared for the further course of the composition, calmly moving on its way, sometimes arranging respites with guitar fingering breaks. Then, the viscous and atmospheric electric guitar solo comes to the fore, acting as the main motive for a few minutes. The guitar solo, crowned with keyboard notes, ends the track and the entire album.