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Two hours - a long time or not?

August 22, 2016
Karan Casey - Two More Hours

How many more have to wait? There is a thought that left Karan Casey - Two More Hours - and anticipation completed!
Without unnecessary delay, the title track Two More Hours kicks off the album. Merry cheerful story about when all of the expectations realized and concretized. Keyboard and guitar blend in unison, bringing us to meet the expectations and desires.
Not all hopes was fulfilled, sadness and longing have not disappeared - they are traveling on the Sorrows Way. But the melancholy ballad does not cross out all possibilities - lyrical melody only gives hope for change in the future!
Wonderful story of the Lovely Annie (Home) represents a gentle female voice, in combination with the soft and sensitive melody that does not hide the nuances and notes of singing lady, but only support its shades by the accompaniment.
The calm delicate fine ballad Horns combines vocal lady bard, with calm and quiet guitar fingering and keyboards notes, without the saturated dense rhythm section. Opens a direct path to the clouds and above them to the dreams and hopes, to the stars and the uncharted expanses of the spiritual insights.
Fishes Will Fly combines leading mysterious fairy flute intersecting entire composition with its mythical melodies, delicate female vocals of Bard lady and guitar riffs, that make a bit of rock 'n' roll as well!
Mythical mysterious ballad Pacing The Dark covers with the shadow of mystery, hiding the true meaning of things by its secret shades. To the usual instruments and flute adds a gentle and shy fiddle.
Beautiful duet of male and female vocals inspires to all to say - Still I Stay (feat. Mick Flannery). Musical picture of the track combines the beginning with the male vocals, continued as a duo, then female vocals surrounded by guitars and fiddle - then composition leads to the final duet.
Blind Woman not betrayed unrestrained grief and despondency comprehensive - on the contrary, inspires hopeful tone vocals in combination with violin guitar, keyboards and backing vocals and devoid of shade of gloom!
Melancholic brooding ballad Young and Beautiful begins with thinkings of bored lady, with accompanying piano. Then that sadness and melancholy supports saxophone - it can imagine, that someone as beautiful as you!
Soft and gentle lullaby Go To Sleep led with thin keyboard passages, guitar fingering and gentle fiddle parties.
Quiet thoughtful story reveals the path to the memories of ancient deeds. The Heron saturates with combination of instrumental passages, violin shimmering and guitar beats of the chords. The voice of a lady puts a full stop to the whole album.