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Righteous sins? Write poems about that!

August 20, 2016
Overdry - El Oscuro Reino Del Verso

Eerie voices, heartbeat and gnashing in the Sheol starts the album Overdry - El Oscuro Reino Del Verso !
After the horrific intriguing intro, Quimera continues to create the oppressive atmosphere of grim fear, tight driving outline verses and slowing the pace at the chorus, saturating the atmosphere with frightening sounds.
Title track El Oscuro Reino Del Verso complements the Sinister Kingdom with notes of clean vocals, that competing with the harsh and growl. The sound palette is filled with a variety of shades - emotional lyrical parts with clean vocals, followed by - rhythmic pieces with sharp growl!
La Mision brooks no delay, vocals from the first second begins to perform, not stopping at nothing. Ample, powerful sound canvas woven from a guitar riff, piercing leitmotif composition, vocal and guitar fury rabies heavy riffs. But then melodic acoustic guitar fingering for a bit - just short refit, mission can't wait for more!
Me Confieso meaningful confession, brings a lot of emotional information - fast! Powerful! Heartrending!
After violent executions of missions, of angry confessions and nervousness mythical creatures Solo adds lyrical melodic element, bringing clean vocals the forefront of composition. But then the ballad character changes with embittered growl, fragments with imaginative rapping recitative. But the song ends with clean vocals and guitar fingering.
Country-side makes us aware of every part of the usual, in particular Plush. Melancholic ballad does not hide the triumph of pure singing, feel the unconditional superiority in Stone Temple Pilots cover.
Biohazard cover Punishment indicates - thare's no chance to avoid it! This cover condenses sound picture and hardened vocals to harsh and growl. Are you ready? Well - have to meet the punisher!
The title track El Oscuro Reino Del Verso (Extended Version) expands the horizons of consciousness, holding out captivity - flavoring its shackles with the keyboards passages!