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Chains fetter the pursuit of freedom

February 18, 2020
Total Annihilation - ...On Chains of Doom

The interweaving of announcers 'announcements, troubling news reports, and politicians' dialogs anticipate the Falling Fast furious musical drive, intertwining the deadly dance of musical passages around the vocal narrative, enveloping them with a tunnel. Then the vocals marches on a mid-tempo march, raising banners of despair and readiness for battle. The announcement of indescribable suffering opens the way for a furious musical action movie, continuing the Total Annihilation - ...On Chains of Doom album by emphasizing suffering in the Reborn in Flesh chorus ending with an uncontrolled stream of musical fury. The instrumental part of the song weaves a bewitching lace of fairy-tale epics, anticipating the development of medium-tempo melody in the next composition Iron Coffin, which begins with the introduction of proud legends of ancient legends, but before the introduction of vocals, somewhat accelerating the pace to a fast drive beaten by sparkling tapes of guitar solo.
The twilight sacrament of Dead Souls intro envelops in vague forebodings, intriguing the further development of the musical narrative. With the introduction of vocals, music rolls along a leisurely procession of a mid-tempo gloomy march. Then the composition accelerates to a rapid drive, but anticipates the beginning of the title track of the album with bewitching twilight of a guitar solo. At the beginning of the ...On Chains of Doom as if the rattle of the wheels of a cart or gears of a rusted mechanism is preceded by dense waves of a medium-tempo musical drive, enveloping with power and severity, then supplemented and crowned with vocal phrases.
After reflection and preparation in the intro, Experience the Terror explodes with the unbridled fury of a frantic musical action movie. But then the vocals show the musical passages a direction to slow down the tempo, again turning to the thoughts that recede before the ornate artistry of the guitar solo, after which they complete the composition. Intensifying the darkness and despair Tunnelratten continues the musical narrative with the twilight of a dark anthem, accentuating the melodic fog and marching in a medium-tempo musical hunch, exploding with waves of restrained drive. The album's final Black Blood composition begins with the thoughts of the sage, then marches with a stern warlike march on the verge of a medium-tempo musical narration and a swift drive.