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Mind games are sometimes unexpected and unpredictable

February 18, 2020
To Heaven Earth Is Hell - M!nd

Painstakingly, thoughtfully and intently entering, Forced walks in the gloomy darkness in anticipation of the further development of the musical narration. But the introduction of vocals after rhythmic beats transforms the musical image with emotional outbursts, juggling with vocal stylistics and sensual omens. Then My Incentive continues the To Heaven Earth Is Hell - M!nd album, preserving the epic shades of the narrative, but at first bringing the vocal part to the foreground, alternating the shades of the harsh from the side of screaming to the side of growling.
The mysterious mystery of the twilight haze ! is the introduction to the next Bound In Blood composition, an exploding wave of drive, however shrouded in the covers of symphonic influence and complemented by sparks of keyboard variations that return the atmosphere of sensual romanticism. However, the instrumental zeal of the guitar solo accelerates the tempo, alternating with vocal cries in the compositional structure. Music and vocals Lovelorn elevate the banners of sensual romanticism, marching in a musical narrative bordering on a mystical ballad. But, while maintaining a romantic melody, the song sometimes ascends in a whirlwind of restrained drive.
Bursting with vocal anger again and again Slip And Rot calls for the unity of symphonic covers and furious drive, piercing musical covers with vocal anger. A Pedestal Abhorred vocals combine emotional screaming with deep growling. Concluding album, Inner Sanctum is conceived as a ritual mystery, enveloping vocal changes with sparks of progressive lace of musical passages.