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Some dark days can sip your mind away!

June 14, 2016
Salem - Dark Days

Salem - Dark Days
Entry into average pace doesn't answer the question - how will continue Not Guilty? Next for the mid tempo brief talk about unfairness of the world. Then you will hear - not guilty!
Long-long intro, acoustic guitar fingering no hurry up to continue the song, amended only by shrill solo electric guitar... but Ninth Months not eternal, so it have to be continued! In incomprehensible pace - not a ballad, not mid-tempo track, the composition develops the idea, canvas paving their way through the crowd of bored fans.
Like a drumbeat that have escorted squad into battle - such rhythm starts Complicated. War-like ballad, or rhythm-paced mid tempo - choose your perception of the track by yourself! It's comlicated...
Jumping in the dance impulses between the poles of mood - and sadness flickers and unbridled joy manifests itself in the accompaniment...oh, the title Lost My Mind explains all the well! He's just lost his mind - vocalist admits that!
Walking at a moderate pace, vocalist tells his story about the Dark Days.Then a slow, sad tells... "Dark days", goes into more zealous guitar...but that days still not ended!
Perky, prudently gain momentum begins Second Sight. After nimble and frisky verse, middle, almost slow pace and reflections in the chorus. Such kind of variation band prefers in that track.
Enigmatic, mysteriously, vicious going being of those who were Tormented. Fickle, ragged, choppy rhythm and peculiar vocal part describes the details of thet all.
Dancing in the spirit of fast blues, he talks about the difficulties of its existence, adding rage and anger in the chorus. Vocalist tells us about his Fallen Angel at all!
Toy Story easy guitar begins this tale, adding after the first couple of tackts pace to its leitmotif. Merry, cheerful story adds positive emotions for too melancholy.
Viscous, sticky guitar pulls in its vortexes - Prodigal Son hang over all of us, so we have to do something to release our flash from its rays!
Very slowly, viscous-elastic, stretchy-ductile starts Tank. Well, not difficult to understand is smeared entry - vocalist explains this by saying that - "we living in a tank"! And that's the end!