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Can't wait - have to achieve, have to carry out

July 08, 2016
Legions Of Raum - Fruition

There's no use to wait for grace, so go on, have to Legions Of Raum - Fruition .
The title track Fruition marks an epic instrumental introduction, illuminating further album palette by its passages.
Welcome To The Dot midtempo and perky verses cross its path with rolling and stringy bridges, supplementing them with its toughness chorus crowns this contrast. Instrumental fragments of the composition, on the contrary - fly like machine-gun fire! With the same zeal composition ends!
Viscous and ductile begins Thick Skin, verse continues this style, ending abruptly accelerated. Then the rhythm is sealed, the drums beat more often a sigh, filling their punches sound to the limit. Then recitative refers to hip-hop, and several times repeated these inserts. But the melodic guitar riffs keeps the composition in the framework of style.
Powerful, crushing and roared begins Breed The Insanity continuing to split obstacles apart, slowly but steadily and persistently paving the chosen path. When the path is already traced, there is a possibility for rapid runs and manifestations of the guitar fury and hatred rays emitted by growl.
Mysterious, intriguing begins quiet guitar intro of the Doom And Gloom, alternating between guitar and bass. Alternation and association continue to vocals in the chorus, combining screaming and growling in a single burst.
The phrase, completes the entry by the track title - Rot. Rhythmically, saturated mid-tempo composition moves on its way, still very listenable. In the chorus the tempo is slowed down, and it ends with laughter, after which instruments splash their emotions in a violent and very fast rush, then growl joins them in this pulse.
Medieval motives, motives of the Renaissance didn't disappear and can't be forgotten - Marquis De Sade turns these classical melodies in a modern interpretation of the violently saturating and sealing them in the verse and clutching a fist in the chorus.
Viscous, intrusive and oppressive riff forces everyone feels like he was Enslaved! Shackle verses burdened consciousness and mind for its fast spurts, then the chorus in the style of the entry burdens, rhythmically forbidding even the shadow of hope!
The ringing ship bell signs the Shipwreck! Rapidly, eagerly and hastily runs the team around the remains of the ship, that was deceased in the deep waters, trying to find something valuable for survival. Well, then survivors more slowly talks and discusses their discoveries. And upon that album completes.