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Love not a job, but it can create whatever you can imagine

July 07, 2016
Fruition - Labor of Love

All break down prior to founding, rebuilding again ... much better to use Fruition - Labor of Love !
Without the slightest hint of pre-service training, the need to prepare the ground for planting - title track Labor Of Love opens the album's tracklist as well. multi-faceted composition - you can hear the sadness, hope and enthusiastic perception of reality. The song - like a mirror - reflect the nature of the listener.
Sensual ballad Santa Fe, female vocals leads basic vocal part, keyboards marks the emphasis and focus attention on the music features without losing sight from their parts and specifying that by its own notes.
Acoustic guitar conducts the motif of The Meaning, melancholy wistful ballad that lonely bard tells sitting on the porch of his suburban home, sometimes homemades sing along to him in his life story, without disturbing or interrupting, but only adding their voices to that tale.
Guitar fingering starts Falling On My Face than complemented by narrator, that adds features of his voice to the canvas of the track. Next instrumental part accesses more volume and freedom to support vocals with more variable melodical cases, guitars leads the way and keybord passages hover over its riffs.
Inconsistent choppy intro, scurrying around its axis, starts Above The Line, turns into blues ballad, in which sublime keyboards passages delineate the borders of the shape, where the vocals (male and female) and the akkompament locates, denoting melodic midtempo song.
The Way That I Do country-side, merry, cheerful composition at the end of which keyboard bring a touch of heavenly eternity.
Thoughtful, pleasant melody stretches like the thread through space and time, including Beside You. Lady describes the details of this all pervading thread by her vocals, the keyboards, guitars and wind instruments are bounding her words to brilliant shape.
Slowly waking up, stretching, getting up from the bed and putting on slippers Early Morning Wake Up continues to slow, dreamy and almost painful awakening process, indicating the ends of tackts by instrumental gusts. Toward the end of awakening female vocals add her phrases.
Reaper will not wait, what song Death Comes Knockin' describes to all of us. The rhythmic guitar strum leading the main motive, the violin brings melodic trills.
I Don't Mind remembering the unknown, exploring the depths of her mind lady's vocals needs the support of keyboards. Guitars improvise during their riffs, bass is not shy to show individuality and all that ends the album by thoroughly, enjoyable and interesting composition.