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Can't see the ghost? But he is always here

July 03, 2017
Chris Brockbanks Phantom MkV - Phantom

Dark, mysterious and frightening cover of Chris Brockbanks Phantom MkV - Phantom demonstrates clear contrast with the soft, exciting and vibrant melodies .
Keyboard passages combines in a single stream with guitar riffs in So Clear manner, surrounding the vocal part with mysticism, enigmatic gloomy images and a mysterious atmosphere.
After the mysteries and elements of Gothic mysticism, One O'Clock brings a bit of dance enthusiasm - adding the spirit of youth rock 'n' roll. But sublime keyboards in the instrumental solo return to the top of the our attention.
Beggin' You complements the art of instrumental celebration as if it were a play from Broadway, combining ornate masterpieces, complex instrumental parts with ostentatious simplicity.
In a clear, average tempo sounds Teresa, guitars capture the role of the main motive, crowning it with vortices of keyboards notes. A clear, persistent and nervous drive leads to the Rapid Fire gunburst, the vocals nervously and emotionally build the structure of its phrases. In the instrumental part, the keyboards are hovering to the transcendental spaces of imaginary dreams.
Romantic fog envelops us with experiences, passionate emotions and a list of disturbing nuances of being in Miss You ballad. After the refrain, the keyboards creates brighter and sparkling atmosphere, the rhythm is somewhat accelerated, so that in the next romantic experience, arrange respite, enveloped in keyboards passages, followed by the flash of emotions.
After romantic emotions, memories of the one who misses the most encouraging narrative of the wanderer, Keep on Rockin' and Rollin' introduces notes of hot southern winds, but not sad - on the contrary, joyful and proud.
The unhurried, concentrated story Lies combines both nervousness and satisfaction with what was done - a victory must be made by fraudsters and obstacles hindering circumstances. They are - but it is possible to deliberately defeat them all!
Rhythm clearly, rigidly and confidently builds the Secret structure - like blacksmith with a hammer on the anvil forges perfect creations. The introduction of the vocals for a while takes away the shocking rhythm, but in the bridge before the chorus it again returns to the fore of the composition. The final part is preceded by vocal reflections - but there is no time to rest in the blacksmith.
Sublime, inspired keyboard passages create an introduction for Teenage Fantasy, the final album in an iridescent and dreamy mood