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November 15, 2021
Four Stroke Baron - Classics

The long and intriguing introduction ends with frenetic and emotional melodies, supplemented by the progressive breakdown of the rhythmic structure of the Radium song. The Rolling Gloom1999 composition enters with gloomy heaviness, continuing the musical narration of the Four Stroke Baron - Classics album with twilight sadness, augmented by the sound of musical variations, like the tunes of the background flute. The Khera begins with the soft chiming of the piano, then the music supports the sublime vocal confessions and provides a somber backdrop for these experiences.
The vocal immediately comes to the forefront of the musical image of the Prostitute Part II: Pretty Woman (Makes Money), then retreats before the pressure of the musical whirlwind, but comes back again. The music and the vocals become fierce in the intimidating sound of the 13 Steps to Stockton song, as if the vocalist is arguing with some monstrous demon. The G.O! immediately rolls out in waves of drive, raising the vocal experience to the crests of musical waves. The sound of the album refers to the echoes of the ancient sagas of chivalry, transforming them into the sound of Friday Knight track in the style peculiar to the manner of the group. The Coast of Barbary immediately sets the direction of the leitmotif and sticks to this path in the further musical procession, topped with emotional vocal experiences. The furious and unrestrained drive of the Sundowner sweeps away any obstacles from its path, rampaging relentlessly towards its chosen goal. The Russian Thought Experiment (feat. NXOV) final track takes a long time to prepare for the vocal intro, remaining thoughtfully mysterious throughout. The composition and album concludes with a despair that screams Russian-speaking person