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Bitterness fetters of thought and action

August 05, 2021
Semper Acerbus, 2019 -  Semper Acerbus

The Scars composition begins the Semper Acerbus - Semper Acerbus album with a soft romantic guitar solo with a charming chime of guitar strings, anticipating an angry heating of a fierce drive. The Destination song continues the frenzy and the rage of musical sound, immediately displaying the vocal anger on the forefront of the musical image.
The significance of vocal narration is intertwined with musical passages into the unity of the My Thoughts Of You musical image. The drumroll creates the sound of the main motive of the Casey Anthony composition, then topped with vocal experiences.
Instrumental symphony Interlude creates inspiration to enter the final part of the album, intriguing melodic artistry and romantic musical appeals. The Staying Away after brief preparation, the swift of the mid-tempo drive and vocal cruelty is being built.
After angry rage of the Inhuman Division intro and disturbing crowds of vocals and music vary stylistic feed. Rolling the waves of a battle march, the Angel Of Mine crowds this severity with melodic guitar branches and emotionality of vocal growling.