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Best times for black magic

June 13, 2021
Ignitor -  The Golden Age of Black Magick

The sound of the Secrets of the Ram composition rolls the waves of stubborn inhabitants, pushing a low-key riff in rock'n'roll around vocals emotion. The Countess Apollyon song intrigates by the introduction, then marching a leisurely proxy of the thoughtful march under the banners of the epic anthem. The title composition of the Ignitor - The Golden Age of Black Magick album captivates into the realm of ancient fairy tales, enveloping the vocal part of a mysterious fairy talenter with fascinating and exciting musical lace.
Accelerating musical vortices in a circling stream of a restrained drive, the Hell Shall Be Your Home song wraps the vocal part by the swirl of a music passages.The Tonight We Ride mid-tempo composition introduces some kind of country-style into the musical narrative of the album, in the instrumental part of the swift of the rapid irrepressible drive.
The musical unrestrain of the Steel Flesh Bone intro's guitar solo carries into the uncontrollable flight through the clouds of the ghostly images and the haze of the echoes of fabulous shades. The sound of the Execution Without Trial composition envelops the fascinating mysteriousness of the rites of warlocks, fascinating fairy tales dedicated to the gloomy rites and sacraments of black magic. The Stoned at the Acropolis track completes the album with a dark fairy tale, summing up the municipal narrative.