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The melody generating vortex of passion

April 15, 2021
Christian Liljegren -  Melodic Passion

The title composition of the Christian Liljegren - Melodic Passion album begins with an intriguing symphony, then complementing the musical image by inspired vocal phrases. The artistry of keyboard suite continues solemn anthem with the Salute for the King sore emotionality of vocals rebellion.
The drumroll in the intro ends with a melodic effect of The Rock song main motive, then the gossip of a guitar solo with a vocal party in a single musical stream. This is My Love Song continues the musical narration with symphonic charm of tender romantic ballad.
The Victory song vocals inhibit the atmosphere of a combat march, indicating the readiness for combat trials and bloody battles. Symphonic intro enhancements with thoughtful artistry, lasted by the intrigue of the Dead or Alive composition with dreaming vocal heft, anticipating the tight wave of the medium-level drive.
Leisurely and thoughtfully I Breathe song whacks vocals meditation with lace symphonic motifs of epic ballad. The History track develops the motifs of the fascinating fairy tale in the mid-tempo march of heroic saga. The Third Day completes the album with romantic heft of acoustic ballad.