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Unknown guise is not responsible for someone's actions

May 08, 2017
Prayers Of Sanity (POS) - Face Of The Unknown

Centuries and ages leave traces, enveloping the atmosphere of uncharted truth, whose knowledge is an unrecognized possession of Prayers Of Sanity (POS) - Face Of The Unknown !
Betrayer starts in a swift and indomitable drive to thresh all the obstacles to smithereens. A tough, assertive and confident march in the Dead Alive intro gives the way for rapid rush, carrying away in a rampant race of frenzied drive. In the chorus again and again returning to a confident march.
Raging frenzy, captures attention in violent impulsive impulses, ending with harsh and naughty cries the name of title track - Face Of The Unknown. Simple, unsophisticated - but damn exciting composition!
Romantic instrumental ballad In Between entwines us with a mysterious dimness of sensual ambiguity, combining bright colors with gloomy gloomy expectations.
So confident, furious and unsophisticated drive takes all the doubts away, attracting more and more supporters to the stream of its sound, demands to March Forward for the triumph of metal.
Furious and impetuous in its impetuosity, liberated rush quickly and inevitably carries its thoughts about Nothing into the whole surrounding space.
Rhythmically swaying in the unhurried and twilight of the intro, Past, Present, None rushes in a swift leap into uncharted spaces, in an angry and furious drive embodying energy and power.
Forgotten and piercing blood and flesh melodies in Someday and Unturned, creates reincarnation and revival of memorable moments, reviving what is not permissible to lose