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Atmosphere has beating pulse - that ingridient you have to use

March 18, 2016
 Beseech - My Darkness, Darkness

The heart beats slowly and deliberately - it's sung and played in Beating Pulse, first track of the Beseech - My Darkness, Darkness.
Dancing lights in the swamp - twinkling, the eyes of rabid animals - are the same. And what is there - dancing The Shimmering lights! Pensive, atmospheric music continues discreetly expose you to their influence.
You know where you're going? Direction? Maybe your point of view always was wrong - just listen to Bloodline Fever and notice it!
March-style beginning is preparing for the arrival of Mr Uninvited. You did not expect? He will come! We do not want! He definitely will come!
Title track My Darkness, Darkness starts with something like "wild west singin'". Then female and male vocals transcend weak strings with their emotions that overcomin' the melody.
Atmospheresurrounds and envelops from all sides. Especially through the cracks in the walls.
A low, muffled male voice lead his monologue about passed way - Highwayman after a pause continues his story.
Start causes expectation - now will be drive! Noup, sir, is another thoughtful story, tells about The Ingredients of daylight. Not about enchanting it, but about it's ingredients!
The phrase of the narrator, chopping instrumental piece, the phrase again - that's start of One Last Call. Then the vocals and accompaniment are joining forces in a general desire. And this is repeated - again and again.
Lyrical strings and beating like a hammer in frustration drums at the beginning of Darksome can be heard. Then despair hammered into the perpetrators and female vocals joins male one.
Incomprehensible ?The Symbol? of inconveniences? Confusion of narrator can be heard from start till the end of the song, guitar, keyboards and female vocals in the background only serve to underline this.