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Winter comes - do not be blue about this

March 20, 2016
Oceans Of Slumber - Winter

Lyrical, poetic entry provided by sad female voice that accompanies by melodic strings. Winter is coming, and growl joins to the gentle female voice, which soloist under the fierce and accelerated music near the end of the track. Oceans Of Slumber - Winter.
Devout begins as a lyrical and sad ballad, heavier music in the middle and growl joins to vocals. Complex and melodic guitar solo ends composition.
Cover on the Nights in White Satin continues this winter wonderland, familiar from previous tracks woman's voice perfectly fulfills, quick guitar tremolo in the middle and after which 2 drum barrels complement the music.
Lullaby is female monologue, almost without accompaniment. Instruments are starting only in mid of the confession, followed by the sad ballad Laid to Rest in related to country style in the middle of which the guitar sounds balalaika.
The choice is not very simple - if only one bridge leftto burn, Suffer the Last Bridge explains this, starting briskly and continuing with core elements and tight rhythm section. And the ending is sad and measured.
Wind instrument is the main melody of Good Life. Lyrical narrative about Sunlight follows that horn.
Turpentine sounds like folk melody by bard lady, whose ensemble is catching up only in the middle of the song.
Apologue begins quite differently, drums and bass powerfully supports from start and growl and scream sometimes attached to the female voice.
Released fury? This frenzy followed by the instrumental How Tall the Trees with a lot of keyboards.
Are you sure that your path is ... This Road? Sad story of singer, who always wondered by somewhat. Fingers dance on the piano keys from start of Grace, then they're slows down and dance changes from polka to waltz and ends as though parsing gammas.

In addition to a winter fairy tale there's another work of these authors - Oceans Of Slumber - Blue (EP). The gloomy and pessimistic Solitude deliberately leads you in the realm of sadness, grief and sorrow.
Oriental motifs generate Kashmir, Led Zeppelin cover. at the end of the drummer so complicates the party, it seems his solo. Turpentine (Reprise) in this version the ensemble musicians haven't yet caught bard lady - alone sings and accompanies herself.
The Wanderer travels without a word, his wandering is instrumental song. Memoriam (Blue Studio Edition) is a female monologue that only an acoustic guitar accompanies. Pink Floyd cover On The Turning Away finishes this EP.