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At the background of the divine its foundations is hiding

February 18, 2018
Embryo - A Step Beyond Divinity

The symphonic haze of epic key passages creates a romantic background, vocals and guitar are circling in a marvelous dance, The Same Difference song opens the gates of the Embryo - A Step Beyond Divinity album with a charming combination of melodies and celebrations in the mid-tempo composition with a ballad shade.
Continuing the equally marvelous melodic saga, the vocals bring to us meditation in the introduction, then Overwhelming Your Disgust complements the symphonic background with the waves of a sharp rhythmic drive, then supplementing the vocals with phrases of emotional screaming. Before completing the throbbing in the dark hymn of thoughtful reflections the song is transformed for a while into a thoughtful throbbing march, which establishes the pillars of the Vanguard For The Blind intro as well. Then, in the rhythmic pulsation of a discreet drive, from time to time appear enchanting guitar solos.
Painting DeathThe main vocal with an unforgettable romantic atmosphere immediately envelops with a vivid whirlwind of emotions, the vocals starts as emotionally screaming and continue with a deep wise growling. In the instrumental part, romanticism subordinates all thoughts and feelings, magical symphonic laces creating unimaginable thoughts about illusory love in the world of the dead.
Intriguing and diverse, pumping fog of dark and twilight hues on a sharp and oppressive background, diversifying the nervousness of screaming and the wise confidence of the growling Looking For The Divine continues the atmosphere of dark romance, supplementing it with some strokes of a sharp drive on the screaming vocals background.
Against the background of a mysterious mystical haze Solitaria 1519 from non-existence, the exalted suffering chorus of female vocals. A dense, armored entry evokes a powerful stream of enchanting drive, sublime key passages remain on the background, giving an exalted shade of the Leonardo story. In breeches, they rise above the rest of the musical image, complementing the thoughts of the growling vocals.
In the introduction developing thoughtful reflections then The Greatest Plan song in the verse continues to develop them with romantic thoughtfulness of restrained vocal screaming, in instrumental breeches thickening musical tones with brooding growling.
In an obscure fog, the enchanting ballad Bastard Of The Brood delivers romantic motifs, accompanying emotional and nervous vocal reflections with the vague romanticism of the ghostly background.
Mysterious obscure symphonic motifs in which keyboards passages embodies the chorals of Mouth Of Shame invisible fairies create a mystical background for vocals and touthly driving guitar passages.
The Witness Of Your Life main motive after the preparation in the introduction is throbbing rhythmic poundament under vocal reflections with iridescent guitar riffs and covered with epic keyboards passages.
The wave of drive is trying to escape from the stiffening vocal reflections, the laced fabulous illusory doubts with enigmatic tunes on the background. But the The Horror Carved composition abd the entire album completes the exalted and triumphant march.