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Separation is part of understanding the whole

January 15, 2022
Coffin Apartment - Full Torso Apparition

Exploding with a furious flow of unrestrained drive, the Treacherous Tongues track points out the stylistic features of the Coffin Apartment - Full Torso Apparition album, eclipsing them with progressive thoughtfulness of musical passages in the thoughtful mystery of the instrumental part, returning to exasperation with a vocal return in the finale.
Stressing the heavy dusk with a persistent and viscous dusk the Transient Exuberance persistent march, the vocals persistently and insistently point out their discontent and call for a quicker tempo in an insistent assault, culminating again in mindful musical reflections on the mathematical complexity of progressive musical variations.
The introduction of the Derelict Paradise composition intrigues with mystery and background echoes of hidden musical motifs, unhurriedly and painstakingly preparing for the manifestation of its musical essence with the introduction of the vocals. Rapidly and violently exploding with vocals outrage, the A Quagmire of Filth and Shame song immediately brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image.
But the sound of the Hypophagic Blues track breaks through the sound of the album, bringing emotional phrases and desperate pleas of clean vocals to the vocal part. Entering the unity of the bass and rhythm guitar, the Scavenger of Regurgitation song creates pulsating waves of musical action, topped then with vocal phrases. Particularly noteworthy is the artistic charm of the instrumental bridges. The Process of Dehumanization composition completes the album with its longest and most versatile musical creation, embodying in its sound all the features and nuances of this musical release.