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As you can see - something wrong with that bones!

November 28, 2016
Rival Sons - Hollow Bones

There's no use to run away - untill Rival Sons - Hollow Bones of skeleton in the closet can't be thrown away!
Without any further delay, the title track Hollow Bones, Pt. 1 art opens this artwork. Thick, stiff sound attracts attention, creating an atmosphere saturated with sticky sounds of hard tough rhythm beats.
This space continues to burden aggravating, leading to the phrase "I'm Tied Up"! Hard harsh sound creates a rich sharp space with irritable emotions, collecting them in the quintessence of the disturbance.
Clots anger and hot displeasure pulls out by sharp and irritated riffs in the verses, while Thundering Voices creates inspiring atmosphere of tenderness romantic by melodic phrases for the choruses.
Cheerful major motive dancing leads Baby Boy to the expectation of future achievements, only the vocals does not take for granted all the bright promise - his voice pierced by sharp rusty blade of sadness and disbelief.
Suspense, replete with doubts and fears begin the story about Pretty Face, chorus pulls out pent-up emotions out of control, breaking the constraints of obstruction, and then the sequence returns again.
Sad melancholic ballad offers us to Fade Out, it was pierced by calm and balanced motifs, concentration of sad thoughts and gloomy expectations.
What will save us from the darkness of the night fatigue, crucify darkness on the cross vivacity and delay the arrival of darkness? Black Coffee can, without question - saturation of the legendary Humble Pie's song sound with new shades in this cover.
Oh, the title track needs to be continued - Hollow Bones, Pt. 2 done that issue, continuing the multi-valued and versatile drive, not letting go out from its cuddle.
After the explosions, the emotional drive and musical rumble the band decide to find peace of mind, because they are already has All That I Want. Gentle calm voice entwine passages of violins, guitars and proigrashi gentle orchestral music. Well, quite a worthy ending