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Who will measure and evaluate the infinity?

November 30, 2016
Elathan - Atreup Ed Al Dadinrete

You'll go forth, even if that seems pity - strive to open Elathan - Atreup Ed Al Dadinrete , the Gates of Eternity!
Vortices winds creates Evein Ed Arevamirp blizzards, snowflakes swarms in magical patterns, creating unexpected images and ghostly stories, that rises up in the hazy mist.
Dance in a circle ghost spirits surround us with their elusive dances, separating into a gentle whisper of female and male hard raspy scream, extoling appeal to the stars with their incomprehensible way as Ed Sal Sallertse.
Violent pressure does not stop at the slightest obstacles, because soon the world will fall into darkness - Sol Selos Nanimret, sunshine will go out soon - so vocals fury subsides, instruments focuses on calm and viscous respite before the next, no less overwrought, rush.
Zul Ainegimirp appealing to the source of origin, the melody is combined with a powerful pressure and drive, taking the sound to the original springs.
Melody raises a conflict between the Lord's faith, its followers - and their opponents, who seeks for Atreipsed and desires to revive the doubts and reflections on the essence of being.
Symphonic beginning of Atreup Ed Al Dadinrete with fabulous mythical tunes becomes furious jerk, tearing loose screaming vocal musical canvas on different particles, and again connecting them jerks. Then, pace of the title track settles down, keyboard passages collect the scattered pieces of a musical picture together, not allowing them to scatter again. This is followed by a gentle and dreamy fairy confession, guarded by exalted keyboards passages, next sounds guitar fingering break - it turns into insistent dense melodic finish.
Delightful piano, accompanied by the choir creates a main motive, distinguish shades of good and evil to sign that Odot Av Lam is not forever and ever. Unruly musical ghosts strive to prove the opposite, that they are stronger and more significant, engaging in disputes between themselves and with the vocal by changing the shape and structure of the composition. But calm, quiet and pleasant piano confidently finishes its sermon and whole artwork.