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Appreciate the present - the worst has not yet come

May 14, 2018
Exekution - The Worst is yet to Come

A marvelous instrumental An Eeire Down symphony intrigues a mysterious ambiguity, enveloping the beginning of the Exekution - The Worst is yet to Come album with the epic atmosphere of ancient legends.
Continuing an obscure atmosphere of mysterious haze the Over the Altar verse envelops the mind with a twilight fog at an average pace, pumping a wave of rhythmic drive and emotions of the vocal part in the chorus. Instrumental solo is carried away in a fast stream of dark predictions, anticipating a subsequent impetuous rush.
The violent deadly dance of drive combines unrestrained musical rage and violent vocal nervousness, bringing energy and power in Hegemony of Hatred song.
Switching lyrics from English to Spanish, Escoria Humana in seductive playfulness tempts with violent vocal phrases enveloped in the sparkling whirl of sharp guitar passages.
In the sparkling free-will aspirations for freedom the On Your Mother's Face main motive wistful vocal phrases wrapped encouraging guitar breaks in instrumental bridges sparkling guitar solos elevate melodic triumph to heaven.
The title track The Worst is yet to Come in rapid passages completes the vocal phrases with hard totals, pumping the pace in the instrumental bridges and blowing at a stunning pace to the triumph of drive and unrestrained energy.
The crying of the child and the chants of servants of the church ends with gunbursts, then the gang suggests to Sodomize a Priest - otherwise they will not calm down their fierce musical zeal, enveloped in playful guitar riffs in instrumental bridges.
So short-lived song with Spanish lyric El Cepo De Mi Coche captivates you into a lively fun in a tavern, amidst the ringing of mugs and piles, swiftly completing your fun with a twilight whirlwind of obscure dark motives of the Epic Hangover intro. Enveloping the mind with an obscure fog of twilightous ancient prophecies, in a verse the composition creates an intriguing fog of an epic narrative. Then the vocal phrases go to the measured reflections, ending with a bright and spectacular guitar solo. In the final part, an obscure fog does not rush to disperse, but the composition ends with a guitar solo and an epic musical break that sparkles like a crown of an eternal king.
The introduction of the completing the album God is a Shemale composition majestically envelops the whirlwind of epic reflections, vocal pumping up the pace, preserving the charming melody of a significant narrative. In the instrumental part, the average tempo put into the introduction returns, supplementing the significance of the hammered columns in its path, then the guitar solo sweeps the swift vortex preceding the final part.