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Anyone can be in Hell

August 31, 2020
Aether Realm - Redneck Vikings from Hell

The title track starts the Aether Realm - Redneck Vikings from Hell album with a swift drive, captivating with an unexpected union of American country and northern drive, flavored with the battle tunes of an epic anthem. After intriguing melodies of the introduction, the Goodbye song continues the musical narration of the album with the motives of the heroic saga, weaving clean, screaming and growling in the tunes of a vocal tale.
After the symphonic charm of the intro, the Lean into the Wind mesmerizingly and impressively weaves several musical styles and genres into the epic saga. The Hunger continues this melodic grandeur, rushing into a race of furious drive crowned with sparks of symphonic charm. In the chorus, clean vocals raise the banners of the inspired anthem. The soft and gentle sound of a romantic ballad, in which the Guardian promises protection from any disasters and elements, then is filled with the power and grandeur of musical covers that envelop the vocal narrative, transforming from dreamy pure, supplemented by inspiring growling.
After the ballad melodism, the One Hollow Word rushes into the deadly dance of a musical thriller, preserving, however, the veil of symphony. The She's Back song transforms into a swift whirlwind of musical drive topped with vocal phrases. The dense and oppressive sound of the waves of the Slave to the Riff mid-tempo drive rolls over with a rhythmic procession that preserves the melodic grandeur.
A vocal monologue with a soft piano solo paves the way for the development of the Cycle enchanting musical tale. Bringing echoes of the unity of modern music with epic fairy tales and folklore motifs of antiquity the Tmhc captivates with similar intricacies. The charm of romantic musings of an acoustic guitar solo begins the musical lace of the Craft and the Creator majestic instrumental symphony, which majestically and artistically closes the album with an incredible combination of progressive interweaving of metal drive and classical music inspiration.