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Compulsion to order and righteousness

September 01, 2020
OZ (FIN) - Forced Commandments

The twilight of a mysterious symphony creates an atmosphere of intriguing mystery, but then the Goin' Down guitar solo whirls into a whirlwind of drive on the verge of a fast-paced sound and a mid-tempo procession crowned with vocal inspiration. The guitar solo of the introduction captivates with incredible melody, anticipating the epic progress of the Prison of Time composition, weaving vocals and musical parts in a bewitching dance of the OZ (FIN) - Forced Commandments album's continuation.
Whipping up the bass passages into the intro Switchblade Alley then pays attention to this part as the fundamental enemy of the leitmotif, weaving vocal inspiration with the solo guitar in the chorus dance. Bursting with a bright sound of a guitar solo, the Revival accelerates the tempo in a whirlwind of bright drive, crowned with a combination of vocal phrases and melodic guitar solos. The Ritual brings the guitar solo to the forefront of the musical image, adding emotional nervousness to vocal phrases.
Weaving guitar passages with rhythmic transformations of the musical essence the Spiders enchants with renaissance motifs. An acoustic guitar creates a romantic mood, but then the Long and Lonely Road song develops a sound on the verge of a romantic ballad and an epic mid-tempo composition. Beginning with a sparkling whirlwind of guitar solo that captivates even sophisticated fans, the Liar concludes the main part of the album with a fast-paced drive that sparkles with bright swirls of guitar solo.
This release ends with a bonus part, starting with guitar variations on the neo-classical theme, combining two male vocals in the Diving into the Darkness (bonus) vocal part, alternating and complementing their sound. Keeping the similar stylistics of guitar passages the Break Out (bonus) continues the musical narration with the unity of the heroic saga and the battle march. The Kingdom of War (bonus) puts the final point of the release, pumping up the echoes of the legends of the valiant knights with the harsh sound of guitar passages.