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In any medicine, you need to determine the doses

November 17, 2019
Doses - Doses

Softly and thoughtfully, Hourglass music and vocals exchange empathic symphols, as if discussing a chosen path of development. But then rage and anger explode in an uncontrolled wave of drive, completing the vocal rage with pulsating vortices of indignation and irritation, concentrated in powerful rhythmic fragments.
Preserving the rhythmic pulsation and mid-tempo style of the Doses - Doses album’s narrative, in the sound of the Ghosts song, the vocal part comes to the fore, alternating the emotional melodies of a clean window with a furious drive of harsh vocals.
Starting with inspirational tunes, marching on the verge of a pulsating march and a rhythmic ballad, White Noise ends the sound with a sparkling stream of unbridled drive, enveloping fast-moving musical passages with bright swirls of guitar riffs.
Again returning to the union of the ballad and mid-tempo march, Distant Comfort sometimes gives the music an even more dense and rhythmic character. Solace completes the album with the most furious and energetic drive, flying away on the wings of unbridled rigidity and severe drive, sometimes cowering in a pulsating rhythmic march and using elements of vocal recitative.