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Any drugs has side effects

August 12, 2019
White Denim - Side Effects

Dancing in a bewitching haze, the Small Talk (Feeling Control) musical mystery envelops the ascended vocal phrases with a cosmic mystery, bewitching with sparks of electronic impulses. The overseer's phrases meet mooing and grunting, then the music flickers in waltz guitar passages and progressively broken rhythms, blurred vocal phrases, giving the White Denim - Side Effects album a wonderful feeling of alternating such diverse compositions.
Developing the progressive mystery of rhythmic constructions Shanalala introduces the atmosphere of ancient legends into a vocal mystery, enveloping in obscure covers of mysterious forebodings. But NY Money returns to the sphere of ordinary interests, enveloping in the intricacies of vocal variations in the introduction, but the introduction of vocals dispels the ambiguity of the musical narrative.
Soft acoustic guitars strings chimes begins the Out of Doors song in country style, but completes it by adding shades of tales, as intro of the mesmerizing mystical mystery of the Reversed Mirror saga, mesmerizing with musical variations and introducing the influences of symphonic charm, jazz improvisation and art rock melody.
Keeping bewitching artistry, So Emotional musical passages braid vocal phrases with bewitching lace, interlacing mesmerizing variations of guitar and keyboard passages. Emphasizing the Head Spinning title in the introduction, further the music jumps in unstoppable leaps, dangling from side to side. Unclear Introduce Me vocals confessions, distorted in mystery and ambiguity, shrouded in changeable and unexpected musical variations completes the album with a psychedelic fog.