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Many unknown puzzles conjured around

August 11, 2019
 Children Of Bodom - Hexed (Deluxe Edition)

A whirlwind of swift passages of the main motive of This Road composition twists a bewitching haze around the procession of the vocal part, ascending with bright melodic motifs in the chorus and opening the gates of the Children Of Bodom - Hexed (Deluxe Edition) album. Under Grass and Clover seamlessly and holistically continues the musical style of the previous composition, raising the chalice of the melodious mystery of the guitar passages to the head of the musical image. Complementing the impression of soloing guitar passages of previous musical phrases, Glass Houses envelops the musical narrative with covers of disturbing trends, introducing vocal phrases of experience and doubt The mystical mystery of the Hecate's Nightmare envelops the bewitching chimes of bells and introduces mysterious anticipations with vocal phrases, then raising the banner of the main motive of the medium-tempo musical image. Kick in a Spleen continues the mystical mysteries of the previous composition, but explodes as an unstoppable stream of drive, twisting together a stream of soaring ghosts.
Spinning the sparkling wheel of the festival, the main motive of Platitudes and Barren Words composition spins the trends of sparkling melody, showering with the brilliance of guitar passages. The title track Hexed in the gloomy dance hurriedly paces in the chosen musical direction, summing up the musical measures and parts of the symphonic guitar solos. Twisting the canvas of questions, doubts and feelings in verses, weaves lace answers and confessions in the chorus, complementing the Relapse (The Nature of My Crime) composition with bewitching parts of bridges.
Pulsating in questions and doubts, vocal phrases go to the forefront of mid-tempo Say Never Look Back march, which entangles musical fragments of verses and choruses with bewitching symphonic interlacing of guitars and keyboards passages. The gloomy procession of a tough and depressing Soon Departed march is shrouded in bewitching guitar passages, complemented by serious and significant vocal phrases, full of painful thoughts. In a similar style, complemented by sparkling guitar passages and broken rhythmic solutions Knuckleduster completes the main part of the album. >The bonus part of this publication contains energies of live performances of the I Worship Chaos (Live) and Morrigan (Live) compositions from concerts piercing with rays of energy and drive. Then Knuckleduster (Remix) so rethinks the final composition of the album - that it will not leave anyone indifferent.