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Another meaning of reality comes so close

September 02, 2018
Yuko - Long Sleeves Cause Accidents

Like the heartbeat of an unprecedented shadow, the pulsing basses create the background to the musical gloomy fog of the first composition of the Yuko - Long Sleeves Cause Accidents album, then the careful reflections of the vocals are shrouded in a sparkling glow of mysterious musical passages. Then the vocal complements his Dive! part with opera vocals.
Thoughtful romance with a finely pulsing rhythmic background will bring out the pensive reflections of keyboard passages to the front edge of the While You Figure Things Out song musical canvas, female vocals complement the background of deep bass motifs and muted notes of male vocals.
The vocal part comes to the forefront of musical narration, the accompaniment against the background complements the depressive atmosphere of the You Took A Swing At Me composition.
At the beginning of the First Impression composition, the vocals seem to be hiding behind a vague fog of proud, viscous march, rolling waves of upset feelings, without faith and hope for subsequent changes for the better.
Acoustic romance Usually You Are Mine continues the album intently and thoughtfully, complementing the muffled pacified sound by a male vocal part.
Encouraging motives Justine Part 1 continue the development of a versatile musical canvas, vocals complement the song with notes of doubt, in musical tones the keyboard passages come to the forefront, stepping for the brooding guitar solo aside. A brooding acoustic romance The Idealist continues the album, enveloping the already female vocals with a mysterious mist of muted musical passages.
It is very interesting to put together such various contrasts of musical genres and styles together, She Keeps Me Thin song finds various sides of country, rap and cabaret, joining them in a single musical artwork.
And again, the acoustic acoustic romance A Couple Of Months On The Couch completes the album, complementing the symphonism of the organ parties, adding the shades of church mystery the composition. In the final, male and female vocals are woven together by a duet, continuing with operatic vocals of female vocals. Then follows a deep wave of proud drive and pulsing waves of musical fog complete the composition and album.