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Anger and rejection give rise to a similar answer

June 24, 2020
Vexatious - Odium

The title composition of the Vexatious - Odium album begins with a muffled legend, then embodying its main feature - a dialogue of emotional screaming and severe growling, embodying its various shades and stylistic features. The Leviathan song continues this style, complementing growling and screaming with even greater variations of stylistic features. The Drained pumps a whirlwind of severe metal drive, but then returns to constant variations in tempo and rhythmic component.
A pulsating march completes the song by uniting with the vocal part, as if suggesting the development of the introduction of the next composition Treason, wrapping the vocal experiences with the veils of a mystical twilight, but then again returning to unexpected variations in rhythm. Severe growling continues the mysticism of a gloomy fairy tale, the Bleak then complements the vocal variety with screams of emotional harsh and emotional screaming screams, wrapping it in lace with a bewitching symphony, ending with some punk rock trends that continue into the sound of the Grim next song.
A leisurely procession of vocal thoughtfulness develops the unity of the vocal part with the musical drive of the Severed medium-tempo battle march. In the final part of the album, the narration of the vocal part comes to the fore, alternating screaming and deep growling into the sound of Adversary song, continuing with the viscous viscosity of the Torment dense musical essence and completing the release with a short-term nervousness of the Degrade final composition, combining an epic anthem with futuristic electronic elements.