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Colors depend on point of view

June 24, 2020
Cavanagh, Danny - Monochrome/Colour

The Exorcist musical musings are interwoven with lace charm, yielding to vocal musings the continuation of the Cavanagh, Danny - Monochrome/Colour album. The This Music brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, complementing the reverie of male vocals with the charm of female vocals.
After the symphonic mystery of the intro, female vocals come to the forefront of the Soho musical narrative. The Silent Flight of the Raven Winged Hours instrumental extravaganza with obscure tunes continues the album with the supremacy of a keyboard symphony. The Dawn orchestral charm continues the musical narrative, complementing it with vocal ambiguity.
Vocal narrative comes to the forefront of the Oceans of Time romantic musical thoughts. Juggling a keyboard solo Some Dreams Come True comes to the fore, complemented by musical symphonies. The acoustic rethinking of the The Exorcist (Acoustic) starting composition of the album brings a romantic charm to it. However, keyboard passages remains in a dominant role in the sound of the The Silent Flight of the Raven Winged Hours (Acoustic) next song.
Soft musical Found thoughts slowly and thoughtfully lead to the final composition of the album Scandinavia, embodying the echoes of the northern charm in the musical essence.