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Ancient wisdom sometimes frightens

March 04, 2020
Ensnared - Inimicus Generis Humani

After a gloomy intrigue, musical passages fly on the gloomy wings of a furious drive, crowning with sparkling vortices the deep and thoughtful phrases of the vocal narrative. In the instrumental part, the Spiritual Necrosis music seems to concentrate in a dispute of gloomy reverie and dark rage.
The mysterious instrumental composition Interlude I continues the Ensnared - Inimicus Generis Humani album with the twilight ghosts of mysticism, revealing shades of dark prophecies and the mysteries of ancient anthems, as if returning the echoes of forgotten chronicles. The Throne Of Transformation continues the twilight atmosphere of ancient fairy tales, enveloping the storyteller’s narrative with a whirlwind of gloomy musical passages, at first slowly, but then swiftly raising the banners of the drive.
Returning again to the mysterious twilight veil Interlude II precedes the development of the musical essence of the album with mysterious riddles and unclear omens. But the Disciples Of The Whip vocals lifts flaming banners of unbridled rage, the music is filled with power and drive, pulsating procession highlighting vocal phrases to the forefront of the musical image.
Once again, Interlude III appears as a mysterious introduction, but Katharsis Through Terror very peculiarly and intriguingly twists around the vocal narrative, fascinatingly complicating the rhythmic structure and combining the whirlwinds of gloomy drive with lace of melodious mystery, enveloping the severe drive with a bewitching atmosphere of mystical mystery.
The album closes with the Black Hole Acolytes song, that is dispensing with no separate introduction - at first the mysterious dusk envelops in the haze of a ghostly symphony, then the vocals cry out for a powerful drive, developing the melody incorporated into the introduction of the song into the greatness of the dark anthem.