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War destroys not only the flesh, but also the mind

March 04, 2020
Nemesis (SRB) - The War Is On

Intensifying the fierce fury, the vocal part of Wake Up song indicates the development of the musical essence of the composition, the musical passages cast off their chains in instrumental fragments, captivating the instrumental part with a pensive haze of guitar. Intro of the Uprising song twists mesmerizing whirlwinds of a fascinating melody, captivating with the unity of bewitching melodics and vocal emotions in the development of Nemesis (SRB) - The War Is On album.
Exploding with the unbridled fury of a deadly round dance, the Oppression envelops in an uncontrolled whirlpool of intro, then creating a sparkling musical tunnel around the vocal narrative. Weaving together in the musical lace obscure mystical tunes and echoes of mysterious tales Divine Retribution combines the fury of drive and bewitching melody in a single musical image. So exciting guitar solo of the Living Dead People intro develops into the main motive, enveloping the vocal part with the charming covers of melodic unity.
Keeping melodic charm Savages entwines vocals phrases with sparkling dark grandeur of musical passages. Wrapping the mysterious gloom in the mystical haze and introducing the intriguing mystery Dead End explodes with the demonic fury of vocal phrases shrouded in the veils of the bewitching melody of musical variations.
Poetic lyrics begins the Pandemonium introduction with the soft charm of guitar solos, but then the vocals bring stiffness and rage, combining ballad's romanticism and the thriller's drive into the sound of the composition. Riding waves of unbridled drive Born Worthless raises the banners of inspired melody in the chorus, returning to them in the title's track The War Is On introduction, but then the unbridled drive breaks free, the vocals bring a progressive charm to the broken rhythm.