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February 05, 2021
Winning Streak - We Need A Plan

The title composition begins the Winning Streak - We Need A Plan album with an unexpected unity of genres - either exploding with a swift whirlwind of power metal, then introducing rebellious fury, then complementing the melodic charm of melodic rock. The I Tried To Run song continues similar stylistic moods to some extent, but pays more attention to romantic vocal tunes. The energy and swiftness of musical passages leads you into an unrestrained race for imaginary temptations, entwining the Authenticity vocals phrases with sparks of guitar solos. Continuing the fast-paced musical race, The Dark crowns it with inspired vocal phrases.
Music and vocals combine in the Positivity (Everything Is Screwed) inspired dance, complementing each other with vibrant and exciting elements. The Three Hundred Million distorted radio transmission ends with vocal competitions with a fast-paced musical drive, intertwined in the musical stream of an unbridled extravaganza. The guitar solo of the intro weaves a bewitching lace of melodic mystery, but then the music of the Anchor In You song, crowned with a sparkling whirlwind of guitar solos, gives way to vocal doubts.
The vocal part immediately comes to the fore of the musical image of the Antihero composition, enticing to follow musical variations on the path of creating a romantic ballad. The We Live Here repeats the direction of romantic sensuality, but immediately accelerates the pace of the musical narration, sometimes lingering to reveal the melodic lace. The heartbeat of the bass guitar part sets the direction of the journey of the musical essence of the Stop Screaming song, which is then crowned with vocal experiences. The We'll Make It Home immediately starts a troubled guitar solo, ending the album with a willingness to challenge, embodied in melodic guitar riffs and inspirational vocal phrases.