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February 04, 2021
Markgraf - Markgraf

The Burkart Keller von Yburg gloomy mystery of the musical atmosphere begins the Markgraf - Markgraf album with a mysterious procession, then the violent emotionality of vocal phrases bursts out of the gloomy twilight. By slowing down the musical tempo, the Der Mummelsee brings vocal reflections to the forefront of the musical image, alternating with the mesmerizing mystery of guitar solos. But after an intriguing pause, percussion pulsations, the guitar solo enchants with incredible melody, setting the direction for the development of the final segment of the composition, continuing into the sound of the Die Nixe des Wildsees song, in which music and vocals alternate in the foreground of the musical image, either accelerating in the swiftness of a frantic drive with bright passages, then shrinking in the painful viscosity of a twilight march.
The soft and mesmerizing chime of the guitar strings returns to the image of dreamy illusions, but then the musical essence of the Engels- und Teufelskanzel track is hardened into a union of mystical melodies and frantic drive. But then the vocal significance crowns the crests of musical waves, uniting with them into the sound of a solemn anthem.
Soaring in a frantic whirlwind of harsh drive, the sound of Die Felsen instrumental composition is running away in a rapid flight into unknown, distant, but returns again after the Der Grafensprung vocals appeals. The sound of the vocals intensifies the irresistible burden of the mortifying twilight, wrapping them in fetters of a frantic musical drive with notes of oriental motives. After a dark introduction, the Die Geisterhochzeit zu Lauf lightens the sound of the release, complementing it with echoes of 80s punk rock.