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Always hard to cleanse all your sins away

June 02, 2016
Against The Plagues -  Purified Through Devastation

Was excited, not thought about doing - be ready to Against The Plagues - Purified Through Devastation !
Powerful intro, destroys everything around starts Man's Modern World. After such a malicious start, combining melody and the destructive power, the song continues in the same vein its further pace!
After a brief training, degradation continues - All Flesh Had Corrupted already. It is not so fast everything goes, chorus, bridge, and an instrumental part - viscous and stringy, like rotten flesh not allow to move quickly!
Rhythm threshes indefatigably, Praetorian Icon begins very angry, powerful and enchanting. In the middle of track the story slows down, drawing out the words and history to explain all clearly. But - it ends with an equally fierce and powerful as started!
Directly? Or indirectly? Listen Theokratia to know the answer on that question. Rhythmically, powerful, methodically dismantle the bones theocracy, so as not to miss a single nuance, to study all the features and understand all the details.
Terrorform tells, thet violence start at 7 P.M. Waves of violence alternate tempo and vary vocals - from scream-growl to guttural growl. Then, a short piece of harsh vocals, alternated with screams combined with the growl. Buzzer alarms us - Extermination Event started! Hazardous, terrifying events! Ominous, dark and aggressive sound varied by melodic riff guitar solo at the end of the composition.
Howling wind, something mysterious and acoustic guitar Falling Further.
A brief respite gives way to a violent blast of Enblightened The fierce outbreak in verse becomes viscous and slow chorus, followed by a guitar's hoax.
Rhythmically, clearly, in an average pace flows explains that Enemy Herein! Following the entry tempo increases - and powerful gusts carry us further. But zeal and jerk subsides - so alternates by average rate. At the end of song an acoustic riff replaced with angry scream-growl. Growl concludes his sentence to finish that track...