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Although mercenaries will thoughtfully chooses the future path

June 18, 2018
Ihsahn - Amr

Romantic overflows of futuristic keyboards start thinking the first track of Ihsahn - Amr album by a mysterious intrigue. Then the extended phrases of the vocals tend to harden the sound, but only attempts again and again. But Lend Me The Eyes Of Millennia dense drive comes to the top of the main motive, hiding but not discarding keyboard reflections.
The Arcana Imperii sound turns into a dense dark fog, supplementing with progressive shades of broken rhythm - but the vocals complement these progressive musical urges with emotions and emotions, combining furious screaming and harsh with dreamy phrases of pure vocal. The title track envelops the waves of thoughtful romance ... but it is almost a title, so Samr enchants with a similar name, enchanting with the magical inspiration of the majestic romance.
Oriental motifs in the introduction envelop the fog of spicy conjectures, then One Less Enemy erects the framework of a dense march, bewitching in the facets of his wanderings, enveloped in the hot and hot whirlwinds of future dangers, again and again turning to the main motive incorporated in the introduction.
Rolling out the minstrel motives Where You Are Lost And I Belong complements their vocal experiences and symphonic shades of instrumental frills, leaving the romantic spirit at the head of the sound, hiding the mysteries with stiff restrained musical experiences. In In Rites Of Passage song old legends wanders with futuristic motifs, supplementing the album with the influence of several more musical styles - it can be described in a wordy manner, therefore - it is obligatory to listen! The mysterious vortex of dark experiences envelops with spicy motives of deserts, then Marble Soul vocals complements the sound with majestic significance, the rhythm sometimes gets lost in a rhythmic race, but returns to romantic experiences again and again.
Pensive dreamy vocals discard musical malice - transferring Twin Black Angels sound into soft reflections, but the last composition of the album Wake becomes, perhaps, a precious decoration of sound and one of the best presented songs.