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All that was experienced will stay within us

May 31, 2018
Metalwings - For All Beyond

Unclear ghosts envelops wordless vocalises with symphonic outlines of mild sadness. Then the pulsating rhythm complements these charming gloomy reflections, supplementing the End of the War music with majestic notes of violin passages. In the final part of the first composition of the Metalwings - For All Beyond album this symphony is complemented by vocals.
Wrapped in a shawl of brief introduction, a charming melody is carried away on the wings of the power metal music, then the vocals are combined in a thoughtful duet of Secret Town verse, anticipating a melodious stream of drive in the chorus.
Enveloping with mysterious passages, the fascinating lace of the main motive Immortal Metal Wings adds futuristic shades to its musical canvas, compementing with sensual emotions by the vocal party - captivating with the sound of an undoubted hit!
Dreamy reflections envelop an incredibly romantic ballad When We Pray, taking thoughts into the clouds beyond the clouds, supplementing the phrases with a touch of sadness, imparting a wise thoughtfulness that does not allow dreams to discard worries and caution.
The mysterious dance turns its pas, sprouting the path of the main motive, twirling in the mysterious spaces, imparting a foaming and specific sound to the song A Wish introduction. Then the music removes an obscure mystery, crowning the musical extravaganza with female vocals and leaving the male phrases on the background.
Climbing through the thick and dense dusk, the There's No Time music cautiously combines vocal meditations with alarmed symphonic notes, densifying the musical foundation in the chorus under the escaping vocal exhilaration.
In a charming For All Beyond atmosphere, the vocal duo of female and male voices call for an incredibly romantic outlook. Then title track's music sweeps a whirlwind of melodic passages twisting around the invisible axis, calling for the return of vocal meditations in deeper significance withmore powerful instrumental accompaniment.
Playfully dancing, the main motive Realm of Dreams cheerfully walks along the chosen path, before the introduction of the vocal complementing the sound with alarmed notes. Vocal introduces an epic fantasy, combining male and female vocals in versus with unknown before equality, raising the singing lady to the chorus fore.
Emotional reflections of the singing lady is able to reach the most remote mind's refuges, appealing to all emotional experiences. The lyric of Tujni Serza composition rejects the bored English-speaking approach to the band's native language - Bulgarian.
The title track For All Beyond (Orchestral Version) appears in an incredibly enchanting instrumental performance, pacifying with such a delightful performance that this music will easily distract from adversity and disasters - so great is the combination of instrumental parts in a bewitching symphony.
The album ends with different interpretations of one composition - first, crowning the sound of Fallen Angel in the Hell with delightful vocal delights, supplementing them with mysterious flute passages in instrumental bridges. Summarizes the album exclusively instrumental version Fallen Angel in the Hell (Instrumental Version), separating the vocals from the sound of the composition - but the place of the vocal part is occupied by instrumental parts. Listening to the first version I was sure of the limitations of the next one due to the lack of vocals. But audition of this song have altered my opinion - they complement each other miraculously, completing the album more than worthily!