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It remains only to find this world

May 31, 2018
Tulkas - Take The World

The dark wave of drive rolls through the vague premonitions of the coming Blood Will Run battle, continuing a throbbing march, supplemented by changeable vocal phrases. The chorus of the first composition of the Tulkas - Take The World album rushes in the hurried breakthrough of the bridge, ending with sonorous reflections of the vocals accenting the phrase finals. In the instrumental part, the guitar mysteriously ponders solo, first pondering the continuation, then sweeping along the chosen path with a bright melodious delicacy.
Swirling the whirlwinds of the main motive into the introduction Hate then unfolds them anticipating the impetuous drive with a gloomy passage.
Beginning in an atmosphere of romantic haze, the guitar solo creates a charming atmosphere of Insanity Circus ghostly temptations, then powerful melodies emerges from the shadows, then weaving in a swift burst of the rampant shadows.
At first, trying a brief impulse development of the main motive, then the title Take The World track entangles vocal phrases in his passages, supplementing the composition with melodious and exciting motifs in instrumental bridges.
Viscously and unhinderingly untwisting the Legions Of Bastards story in a tight and dense introduction, then turns the same motif into a swift stream of furious indignation and dancing fun and entertainment.
The wave of the Godless Man main motive rolls, capturing more and more new impressions and those who did not have time to hide. In the chorus, a crowd of supporters sing along with the vocalist in a single impulse. Faith Goes Blind waltzing with bass guitar solo in the introduction as if continuing the previous composition, somewhat changing the musical image endowing him with cautious playfulness.
A dark haze envelops the Rebellion music in an impenetrable fog, sealing the sound with tight fetters. In the verse, dark shades cause nervousness and the desire to drop these horrific influences. In the chorus the musical image is hardened, rigidly and densely setting its instructions on the desired changes Acoustic guitar solo introduces a mysterious romance, but guitar riffs drive piles of their path, completing the album with a mid-tempo march Traitor with elements of medieval epics. Particular mention should be made of the instrumental part with the bass guitars improvisations.