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All precious and unforgettable will turn to ashes and dust

February 26, 2018
Sinsaenum - Ashes (EP)

The title track starts the Sinsaenum - Ashes (EP) release with a powerful stream of exciting drive, capturing into the unrestrained flow of dark magic and restrained meditations on black magic. However, in addition to dark charms and evil legends, this release combines several musical styles - which gives it very interesting shades. First, a swarm of evil demonic insects carries music away from the ordinary limits, the vocals complement the sound with a sharp and nervous screaking. But then this fusion of many musical styles comes back - and black magic, demonic screams are combined with the enchanting magical instrumental improvisation of the charming guitar solo. The viscous 2099 (Heretics) march transforms into a complex and manifold melody that accompanies the necromancer's reflections. Then demonic screaming explodes with a stream of unrestrained drive, then combined with a deep and inspired growling. It's hard to describe - in my opinion, the best track of the album! The frantic unrestrained Degeneration drive carries a dark fog of twilight reflections, alarmed vocal phrases spill out an uncontrollable wave of emotions. In the chorus, the vocals combine together screaming and growling, the musical motive adhering to the main presentation complements it with bright sparkles of guitar frills.
The pulsing mid-tempo march manifests King Of The Desperate Lands itself in verses, sweeping a swift wave of dark motifs in the breeches, combining different vocal streams into a chorus. But then the vocals complement new and new stylistic searches, combining in an unknown variety of dark predictions.
The violent foggy beginning Dead Souls (Frederic Duquesne Mix) song with the music that is shackled in the fetters of vague premonitions, then the vocal transforms the musical picture into a more rhythmic pulsating lace, completing the album with an obscure fascinating dusk. But in the middle of the unrestrained will to freedom dodges in the impetuous currents of drive, trying to throw off the bonds and fetters. Then follows a bright and inspired guitar solo, invoking magic from intangible spaces. but the viscous bonds will return to complete what was started.