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All discoveries need witnesses

June 25, 2021
VOLA, 2021 -  Witness

Progressive brokenness of musical motifs envelops the Straight Lines complex artistry of vicariative thinking, complementing this originality by vocal revelations. The Head Mounted Sideways composition continues the sound of the VOLA - Witness album by an intriguing intro, in the which a guitars riffs pulsates as the heartbeat, and the vocals phrases initially sound the distorted echoes. The 24 Light-Years song enchants with the sound of romantic ballad, complementing the sublime and inspirational main vocals with background support.
Expanding the stylistic framework of the album, the These Black Claws (feat. SHAHMEN) transfers us into a slightly different musical style rolling the musical canvas of the dark anthem and bringing fragments of a harsh cortitive to the vocal batch. The Freak enchants with the tender romantic ballad, maintaining progressive musical enemies and combining vocal phrases in artistic musical lace. Despite the name, many of us would have hoped to hear the musical thriller - but in the Napalm composition sounds a romantic dialogue of male and female vocals.
Anxious and syndarially marching on the chosen path, but constantly deviating to the side of the progressive ambiguity of the Future Bird enchants musical artistry. Tightly and persistently driven steps of the musical march, the Stone Leader Falling Down whacks their musical vortices of harsh mysteriousness, bringing some echoes of spicy oriental motives to the vocal batch. The Inside Your Fur composition completes the album by continuing the embodiment of the images created by its music.