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Acropolis is not prone to free access

November 06, 2019
Queen Kona - Acropolis

Starting with the howls of the winds, the A Martyr, So Peculiarcomposition is further transformed by alternating a furious drive with a scream growl and epic appeals with clean vocals. These variations are shrouded in trends of oriental folklore. Catacombs continues the Queen Kona - Acropolis (CD 1) album, pumping up more dense waves of rhythmic drive, making the musical sound heavier and transforming vocals at first to deep growling, but clean vocals complement the song, in the instrumental part the guitar solo brings notes of mysticism. The wanderings in the catacombs will encounter the Undead! fiends of darkness, sweeping ghostly whirls around the fast-moving in verse and rhythmic in the chorus of musical lace.
The twilight veils of the Lunate Famine (Feat. Mac Kressley) epic anthem complement artistic musical variations, vocal changes correspond to the transfiguration of musical integuments. Exploding in waves of rapid drive, sometimes rolling out the musical canvas in a rhythmic march In Search Of Everlasting Life brings screaming to the front edge of the vocal part, complementing it with growling tunes. In a mysterious atmosphere Sonnet Of The Vampire raises the banners of a romantic ballad, bringing clean vocals to the forefront of the musical image, complementing it with tunes of screaming in the chorus.
Paying homage to the introduction's solo tribute to the influences of progressive metal, A Great Pestilence then complements these mesmerizing musical tunes with an alternation of demonic screaming and dreamy tunes of clean vocals and deep growling. The mesmerizing echoes of The Cauldron Dance ancient legends intertwine with clean vocals, but then screaming and growling pump up the harsh waves of gloomy drive. But then the epic tunes return, anticipating a bewitching and charming guitar solo. Black Enchantment closes the album with an alternation of mysterious tunes, progressive instrumental variations and fragments of restrained drive.
This release has Queen Kona - Acropolis (CD 2) separate edition of instrumental versions of compositions.