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A trip that has left so many impressions

October 21, 2019
 Bastian Per - Epic Journey

Guitar motifs create a gloomy atmosphere of uncertainty and doubt, then the Defying Sinergy keyboard passages elevates their notes to the top of the musical image, intertwined with vocal phrases. Whispers In The Silence continues the Bastian Per - Epic Journey album with the sadness of a brooding ballad, uplifting the significance of the musical narrative in the chorus. The mystery of keyboard variations in instrumental fragments is shrouded in a veil of artistry.
Starting with the enchanting chime of musical passages, Dream Paralysis then builds a musical image for the competition of guitar and keyboard parts in the foreground, alternating between their improvisations.
Introducing blues influences into the introduction, Beginners Luck continues the album with lace of charming instrumental variations. The Blunder begins with an acoustic romance, then the vocals complement the soft ballad with shades of their emotions. Raising the veil of emotional experience, the Confrontation ballad interweaves a whirlwind of feelings in a charming romantic atmosphere.
Intriguing by the dancing procession of verses in the chorus, Second Chance raises the banners of enchanting romanticism, then again returning to the dancing procession.
But after mystery and ambiguity Anxiety Break again captivates with soft covers of an acoustic ballad. Keeping mesmerizing melody, the Mystic Island composition envelops in the mystery of mystery and obscure trends of legends and fairy tales. The title track Epic Journey completes the album with charming melody enveloping dreamy vocal phrases and mesmerizing majestic epicness.